To simplify the use of the website and improve the quality of service, uses cookies. This document reflects the principles of using cookies based on the RESOLUTION of EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT and COUNCIL (EU) 2016/679, and govern their use on the web pages of Abiprint OÜ.

What is a cookie?

Cookie – (English Cookie, literally – a cookie) is a small text file that is stored on your computer, tablet, or on another device when you visit our website. In this way, the web page temporarily “notes” for your convenience, the settings you entered: for example, the viewing language, font size and other user preferences, and frees you from having to re-enter them when you next visit and browse the site.

 What cookies does Abiprint OÜ use and for what purpose?

The following types of cookies are used on the pages of Abiprint OÜ:

Permanent – can be saved for a long period of time, files are not deleted when the browser is closed and stored on your device.

Session – exist only during the session, while the user is on the page of the website. Session cookies are deleted after the user closes the browser window.

The main ones are that cookies are saved directly at and do not save actions on third-party sites.

Third parties – for example, we use third-party websites from Facebook, Google, which use their cookies to review visitor statistics and analyze the functioning of the site. We do not have access and cannot manage the cookies used by these services. The use of cookie data is described in the privacy policy of the service providers, which we recommend that you familiarize yourself with by going to the respective third-party site.

 Classification of cookies:

 Strictly necessary cookies

Without strictly necessary cookies, the functioning of the site Abiprint OÜ is impossible. In addition, this type of cookie files will allow for example to save the selected services even if the user navigates to other pages of the site. Strictly necessary cookies files can be permanent or session, third-party and main. We do not use this type of cookie to collect personal information about visitors to the site, do not use for marketing purposes and to send you advertising.

 Efficient cookie files

This type of files is also called operational, they allow you to collect statistics on page visits and information for analyzing the functioning of the site. For example, through productive cookies, you can understand which pages are visited most often and on which pages users have difficulty. Also, through this type of file, we evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Effective cookies do not collect personal information about visitors to the site, and are not used to direct advertising to you. Performance cookies used on our site may be permanent or temporary and are third-party.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies allow users to remember user preferences on the site Abiprint OÜ. For example, save the viewing language or the place in which the user finished viewing, thereby freeing from the need to re-enter data the next time you visit the pages of the site. We do not use this type of cookie for marketing purposes or for sending you advertising. The functional cookies used on our site may be permanent or temporary and are basic.

Cookie settings and management

You can refuse the use of cookies at any time, i.e. You can independently change your browser settings, block or delete all cookies stored on your device. But, if you disable cookies that are used on the site Abiprint OÜ, then some of the functions of the site will not work.

Additional Information

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