Printing on mugs

Durability of graphics:

The special coating used on the mugs ensures photo quality graphics. The graphics are transferred to a mug using the sublimation method, under high temperature and high pressure. The graphics are resistant to UV rays and do not fade even after long-time use. Our mugs are not just souvenirs – they can be used for drinking and eating, are safe for the microwave oven (with the exception of chameleon mugs), and can be washed in a dishwasher.

A mug with your company logo or a scenic view of your city is a nice keepsake for either your employees or customers and foreign visitors. Photos of friends and family or amusing pictures can also be printed on mugs.

The maximum size of a photo transferred to a mug is 20 × 8.2 cm (from one side of the handle to the other). If you have any original ideas or special requests for processing the image we will gladly comply.

Our mugs choise is:

ame Height Diameter Price
White mug 95 mm 80 mm 7.67 €
White conical mug 95mm 63/88 mm 8.63 €
“Chameleon” mug
При наливании горячей жидкости кружка меняет цвет и проступает напечатанное изображение.
95 mm 80 mm 10.86 €
Mug with a coloured handle and rim 95 mm 80 mm 10.86 €
Stainless mug silver 450 ml 150 mm 85 mm 13,50  €
Stainless mug white 450 ml 150 mm 85 mm 13,50  €

In the case of Chameleon mug when hot liquid is poured in the mug, the mug changes colour and the graphics printed on it become visible.

The price of the product includes the price of the mug or cup, printing, and preparatory work done by the designer. If the preparatory work takes more than 5 minutes additional charge can apply.

The minimum size of order is 24 EUR Prices are given with VAT20%


You can send us files for printing by email to (up to 15МB). If files are bigger than please use


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