About the company

Abiprint is a modern quality printing service with personal service. Proven by time and clients.

Over 20 years ago, we decided to open a printing house to print something that is pleasant to hold in our hands. With photorealistic illustrations of such quality that they want to look at.

Since then, many companies have appreciated Abiprint. Our partners say that they like simplicity and clarity, when “what they promised, they did.” We believe that a reliable business is always about human relations, without them we would not have so many loyal customers.

Our customers – companies working for export, need selling brochures, catalogs, stickers. It is important for our other partners that we specialize in printing books in small runs. We print them according to the customer’s ready-made files, and if necessary, we help to compose and edit. We keep all the source codes so that we can quickly reprint the batch if necessary.

Another of our specializations is teaching materials, including those for children with special learning needs. Customers are worried about how easy it is for their young wards to assimilate new information and to work comfortably with the material. We offer special laminated printing to make such materials last longer. And to make it calmer, we do a test print.

It is no secret that the world is changing very quickly and technology is developing rapidly. Abiprint is closely following the progress and we are transforming from print to digital while staying print. Because we have no doubt that colorful printed materials will inspire confidence and joy at all times.

This is how Abiprint created the PrintMeEasy brand, an online platform for designing and ordering printed products. We have created a convenient environment in which anyone who does not have a diploma in design or layout can design and order their own unique photo book, canvas, calendar…

In the first year of its existence, the PrintMeEasy brand has stood firmly on its feet in Estonia and is now actively developing around the world.