Photoglass is spectacular and original solution for interior decorations in the house or apartment. Wall paintings, photographs made using this technology resonate well with modern facilities design style.

Widely used glass kitchen aprons, which simultaneously protects the wall from the outside influence. Photo glass doors often used sliding modular cabinets.

Selecting the image

We have several catalogs of ready images, from which you can choose the most suitable.  atalog panoramic views (PDF18Mb), modular catalog of paintings (PDF38Mb)

You can also find images on website and tell us the picture number. We, in turn, will arrange for you to purchase and print the image.

You can send us working files by email to (up to 15МБ). If files are bigger than 15Mb please use or similar service to transfer files.


Price list:

Material Price
Photoglass 6mm tempered 1m2 147 €
Buying images from the Image Bank 12 €
Call for master to get sizes in Tallinn 29 €
Installation of photoglass in Tallinn 84 €
Decorative brackets for glass 4 шт 12 €
Additional charge for the installation of 1 hour (by arrangement) 29 €
Transport in Tallinn 25 €
Additional charge for lifting on the floor since the 3rd (by arrangement) 15 €

Prices include VAT 20%


To produce photoglass is used tempered glass 6 mm with polished edges. Tempered glass is stronger than normal and can withstand high temperature fluctuations. During production is used solvent printing method and printed vinyl is glued to the glass. With the help of this technology are obtained colorful and bright images.


On request, we set the window with screws with decorative caps or glue to the wall using a special silicone. Selection of mounting often depends on how the walls of the house straight and smooth, and can be determined by the size of the removal.

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