Banners, flags


We print banners and flags. For banner productions are used weatherproof vinyl material and are often placed around the metal rings for mounting.

You can send us working files by email to (up to 15МБ). If files are bigger than 15Mb please use or similar service to transfer files.


Material            1 m2
Banner weatherproof untreated 13.50 
Banner weatherproof with metal rings 16.80 
PVC self adhesive film 4-years 14.40 
Laminaction with UV laminate 14.40 
Laminaction with matt/glossy laminate, 80-100 mkm 12 
Mounting on PVC base 5 mm 31.82 
Mounting on composite plate 3 mm 44 

Minimum order size 20 EUR. Prices are given with VAT 20%

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